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Vacation Packages – The Smart Way

You’ll save most on vacation packages by drastically changing the way you book them.

Think about how Americans and Canadians usually shop for produce compared to the French.

Typically, someone from North America takes a list to a store—apples, broccoli, tomatoes, etc.

In France, a shopper typically decides AT the store. “Ah, that asparagus looks just picked and oh so very cheap!"

We should buy vacation packages in the same way. In other words, we should not decide on a destination or a hotel until we compare several.

Make a list

List what you want on your vacation.

For example, a family might choose >

Specific as it is, your list opens up so very many choices—

Two more tips >>>

Now, you are ready to seek vacation package values!

About Priceline vacation packages

Priceline guarantees you lowest price offered to the general public. Of course, everything must be the same—dates, hotel, type of room, etc. No bidding required.