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Save up to $500 on your Vacation Package at priceline!

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Priceline Vacation Packages Bring Savings

How to Find the Best Priceline Package Prices

Consistently, you will save most on Priceline vacation packages if you—

  • Are flexible about your destination and hotel.

    Instead of deciding that you're going to Cancun or Whistler before looking at prices, compare a range of places that offer what you want.

    Make your list. For instance, you might want superb beaches, great weather, deluxe hotels, gourmet meals, lots of nightlife—knowing what you really want, rather than first deciding on a specific location or hotel, saves money because you will be open to better values.

    Please don't set your heart set on one hotel. You will usually find more than one nice choice where you are going.

  • Check alternate travel dates.

    You can save a bundle by not flying to Las Vegas or Orlando on a Friday and coming back on a Sunday.

  • Check Priceline vacation packages from alternate departure airports.

    These airports may be just a few few miles apart but in other worlds financially, or you may find nonstop flights from one but not the other.

  • Use a company that backs up its lowest price claims with a guarantee, such as Priceline.

$25 Name Your Own Price Hotel Guarantee!

Finding bargains

There are two quick and easy ways to compare prices at similar vacation sites:

1. Priceline vacation packages

You do not bid on Priceline vacation packages. Instead, you can compare prices for bargain hotel and resort packages at over 160 destinations. Once you make your choice, you receive the GUARANTEED lowest online price.

Priceline's guarantee, which also applies to "name your own price" hotels booked separately, works with just a few common sense restrictions:

$25 Name Your Own Price Hotel Guarantee!

You choose your destination, hotel or resort, and usually your flight times.

Choose among beach or ski resorts, or city destinations, including Las Vegas, Montreal, and London. You can also purchase inexpensive all-inclusive Priceline vacation packages, which include meals.

Most departure airports offer a variety of destinations, in constrast to some charter operators:

Save up to $500 on your Vacation Package at priceline!

Last-minute discounts are especially good. First-class and deluxe hotels or resorts (3-, 4-, and 5-star) tend to give the best breaks on prices.

If given a choice, check alternative flight times. You may notice a more convenient itinerary for little or no extra cost.

Priceline vacation packages may or may not be totally nonrefundable. Your ability to change or get a partial refund depends on the hotel and airline used.

Priceline offers cancellation insurance at the time of booking.

2. gives you additional hotel and resort discount choices.

Choose one of the "build a package" options. (Hotel + airfare + car or any combination of these)

Both Hotwire and Priceline give you major, scheduled airlines—not charter ones, a major advantage.

Both allow you to fly out and return on the days you want—not when some package company tells you.

Have fun and save big!

Save up to $500 on your Vacation Package at priceline!

Still have questions about Priceline vacation packages? Please read our vacation packages FAQ.

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