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Hotwire Versus Priceline: Which is Better?
Hotwire and Priceline both offer some of the best online discounts available—particularly when you use their most robust discount programs—the ones that do not give you the name of your airline, hotel, or car rental provider until after you pay. Read more »

How to Save on Airfare with Open Jaw and Circle Trips
Many airline and charter companies permit two types of airfares that can really save you money and time if you book them using the tips I’ll give you here. These airfares are “open jaw” tickets and “circle” tickets, also called open jaw and circle trips. Read more »

Changing Hotel Locations Can Help You Save
Don Nadeau, the president of, often discusses how to bid on Priceline hotels, but here he talks about location as another powerful way to save on hotel rooms. Read more »

Save Money by Bidding on Hotel Rooms
Rick Archer sat down with Don Nadeau, the president of, which provides Priceline bidding advice. Read more »

How to Buy Consolidator Airfares Safely
Bucket shops, or 'travel consolidators,' are travel agencies who have arrangements with specific airlines to sell international tickets for considerably less than the airline's published fares. Read more »

Combining Two Airline Tickets Brings Terrific Savings
Here’s a tip that the airlines don’t tell you: You can often get great savings on airfares—especially international airfares—when you use more than one airline ticket for the same trip. Read more »

Five quick tips for a trouble-free hotel stay
Like many travelers today, you probably spend time on Priceline and other online sites to get the best price for your hotel room. But did you know that just a few minutes of your time could make the difference between whether you have a pleasant stay at your hotel—or even whether you’ll have the room you paid for on online? Read more »

How to Book Airfares to Avoid Problems
Most people focus on saving money while booking airfares, but may not think as much about how to avoid potential problems with connecting flights.Here are several tips to keep in mind when you book your flights. Read more »

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