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Travel Guide: Paris

Picking the best Paris hotel location

Ahh, Paris!

You'll enjoy Paris even more when you have a great hotel location, and this page helps you accomplish that.

You'll learn the pros and cons of various Paris neighborhoods.

Paris has no really bad hotel districts, but certain locations are considerably more convenient than others. Some offer more of what you expect Paris to be like and better walking opportunities.

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Here are your choices and what they are like —

Opera Quarter East – Les Halles
Champs Elysees – Opera Quarter West
St. Germain – Latin Quarter – Montparnasee (eastern)
Eiffel Tower – Grenelle – Montparnasse (western)
Bastille – Bercy
Batignolles– Montmartre – Republique
La Defense – Neuilly
Orly and Aeroport Charles-de-Gaulle

Opera Quarter East – Les Halles

The Place de l'Opera is at the heart of Paris.

This is also the most chic area, so naturally prices are more expensive.

However, not every hotel is luxury priced. Priceline users can access moderate cost ones, such as the Golden Tulip Washington Opera.

Within easy walking distance of your Opera Quarter East or Les Halles hotel, you'll find the

  • Louvre,
  • Grand Place de l’Opera,
  • Harry’s Bar of Hemingway fame,
  • Hotel Ritz (where Princess Diana last stayed),
  • spectacular Place Vendome,
  • Place de la Concorde (where Louis XVI lost his head), and
  • other well-known sightseeing spots.

Walking along the Rue de la Paix, the Rue Castiglione and similar streets, you'll pass many of the most upscale shops in Paris—and the world.

The Pont Neuf (in spite of its name the oldest bridge in Paris) leads you to the Flower Market and Notre Dame.

You are also convenient to the Gare du Nord (Eurostar trains from London) and the Gare de l’Est.

Champs Elysees – Opera Quarter West

Extending from the Opera Metro, the historic InterContinental Hotel, and beautiful Tuileries Gardens to beyond the Arc de Thomphe, the Champs Elysees and Opera Quarter West area combine to offer one of the most convenient districts of Paris.

This pleasant and upscale area remains a favorite of visitors.

Here, Priceline users stay at hotels like the Marriott Paris Champs Elysees and two members of the fine Sofitel chain, Le Parc Sofitel Demeure and Sofitel Trocadero Dokhan S.

St. Germain – Latin Quarter – Montparnasee (eastern)

The adjacent St. Germain, Latin Quarter, and Montparnasee neighborhoods bring you a more lively and younger crowd, as well as some of the most charming and enjoyable walking streets in Paris.

With the University of Paris (La Sorbonne) here, this district throbs with activity night and day—in a nice way. You will love it!

Be sure to visit the outstanding Luxembourg Gardens adjacent to the Latin Quarter, one of the prettiest spots in Paris.

On your walks, other must sees include

  • Place St. Michel,
  • Boulevard St. Michel,
  • Winding streets off of St. Michel,
  • Place de la Sorbonne,
  • Sorbonne,
  • St. Etienne du Mont,
  • Pantheon,
  • Palais du Luxembourg, Fountain of the Four Bishops
    (a place to sit awhile),
  • Rue Bonaparte for fashion stores,
  • Café Deux Magots (try to grab a front table), and
  • the nearby Café Flore and Brasserie Lipp.

Although this area is known for smaller, less expensive lodging, Priceline users also access first class and deluxe hotels such as the Sofitel Paris Forum Rive Gauche.

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Eiffel Tower – Grenelle – Montparnasse (western)

The Eiffel Tower, Grenelle, and Montparnasse area extends from the center of Paris all the way to southwestern edge of the city.

Basically, this area includes the 2nd and 15th arrondissements (quarters), the latter one of the largest in Paris.

While most hotels such as the Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel are near the city center and major landmarks, a few uses, such as the fine Sofitel Paris Porte de Sevres, are less convenient.

The entire district is nice, but you may especially enjoy walking in the area near the Eiffel Tower.

Here you can visit

  • Palais de Chaillot (for its fine view),
  • Trocadero Gardens,
  • Champ de Mars,
  • Ecole Militaire (where Napoleon became an officer),
  • Les Invalides (the tomb of Napoleon),
  • Rodin Museum (and gardens), and
  • Grand Palais and Petit Palais (Museum of Fine Arts), among other sights.

Bastille – Bercy

These are not tourist areas, but are instead where Paris gets its everyday business done.

Oh, you are reasonably convenient to the city center, the Latin Quarter, Notre Dame, etc., as well as the busy Gare de Lyon, the station for the French Riviera—and, of course, Lyon.

This is not a bad district, but you won't find parts of it as charming as the others mentioned above.

In fact, Parisians—who are usually very zealous about preserving their beloved city—apparently have not found some of these areas very charming either. Unlike the rest of Paris, here you'll find large amounts of new construction approved to replace older buildings.

Happily, some of these new buildings are large budget hotels such as the one of France’s Ibis chain. This makes it easier for you to find good quality, but low cost accommodation here.

Batignolles – Montmartre – Republique

The Batignolles, Montmartre, and Republique neighborhoods are reasonably close to the city centre, but you may need to use public transportation. You will be convenient to the Gare du Nord and the Gare de l’Est.

Some visitors may find portions of this area a bit seedy. Others love the Montmartre nightlife (men bring a jacket). Note that these neighborhoods are closest to those where much of the November 2005 civil unrest occured.

La Defense – Neuilly

The combined La Defense and Neuilly district is the center of French corporate power.

Within the only area mentioned on this page that is not in Paris (other than the airports), La Defense lacks the restrictions on building large corporate towers and large modern hotels that keep most such buildings from within the city limits.

If you want a bargain in first class, deluxe, or luxury accommodation, this is the place to get it, especially during weekends and holidays.

Typical hotels used here by Priceline are the Sofitel Paris La Defense Grand Arche and the Courtyard by Marriott Neuilly.

Frequent rapid transit trains connect this area with the center of Paris.

Orly and Aeroport Charles de Gaulle airports

With Paris nearby, most travellers go into the city for accommodation. Who can blame them? This is wise thinking.

Orly airport is especially near the city center, but Charles de Gaulle has convenient bus and rail connections into the heart of Paris.

However, you can choose from a variety of airport hotels.

A word about

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Have a great time in Paris!

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