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Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Choosing the best Amsterdam hotel neighborhood

This page helps you choose where to stay in Amsterdam, the best hotel locations. You find out the pros and cons of Amsterdam's main hotel areas, with an emphasis on convenience and your potential cost.

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And then fill in the city. Links show for maps of each area.

Amsterdam hotel locations

Amsterdam City Center, Central Canals, and Museum Quarter
Amsterdam City Center South
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam City Center, Museum Quarter, and Central Canals

Amsterdam City Center, Central Canals, and Museum Quarter all make great choices of where to stay in Amsterdam.

This very central area includes Amsterdam's major landmarks, its entertainment district, best restaurants, main rail station, best-known museums, and the majority of its higher-ranked hotel rooms.

The district may seem large, but in reality is rather compact. You could not be more convenient, Walk anywhere here or use frequent public transportation.

Typical hotels Priceline uses in this area include the Amsterdam Marriott, the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, and the Crowne Plaza American Hotel. The latter was renovated several years ago, but its historic art nouveau features were preserved.

For information about specific hotels and photos, check Hotels.comLink to .

Although Amsterdam's famed red light district sits at the north end of the city center zone, you need not worry about red lights shinning on higher-ranked hotels. They are elsewhere.

You may find lower prices in the next two areas because they are further from the action.

Amsterdam City Center South

The Amsterdam City Center South area appeals to auto travelers not interested in fighting traffic in the city center and paying for the extremely limited parking there. This is where to stay in Amsterdam if you have a car.

The southern area of the city has a greater number of less expensive motor inns and similar modern accommodations than you find in central Amsterdam.

If you do choose this as where to stay in Amsterdam—and as mentioned you may find better discounts here—access to the main tourist areas is available by public transportation or bicycle. You are not that far away from the main attractions.

However, stay in central Amsterdam if you wish to save time.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Getting to and from central Amsterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is quick and easy. These are less than 10 miles apart.

A station under the airport terminal sits on a main line of the Dutch rail network. Trains whisk you to the main rail station (Amsterdam Central Station near the Royal Palace), which is the focus of Amsterdam's local transportation system.

Remember, however, that you must transfer from your airport hotel to the airport in order to access this convenient system. This takes extra time.

Nevertheless, as with the City Center South neighborhood, you often find larger hotel discounts near the airport than downtown.

Typical Amsterdam airport hotels used by Priceline include Courtyard by Marriott Amsterdam Airport, Crown Plaza Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel.

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