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Travel Guides, Part I – Destinations

Where to Stay, What to See


Here you get frank discussions of city hotel neighborhoods. (With Priceline's "name your own price" or Hotwire hotels, you pick a neighborhood and quality range, not a specific hotel).

In addition, you'll find destination guides, including sightseeing tips from people who really know the area, scenic drives, and walks.

Hotels: Picking the best hotel locations

Hotwire and Priceline hotel zones are described. However, these neighborhood descriptions are helpful regardless of how you book hotels.

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  • Los Angeles hotel locations—Because it's so spread out, choosing the appropriate LA hotel neighborhood becomes crucial. As with London, you find no true central core. We discuss hotel neighborhoods as diverse as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, LAX airport, Santa Monica, Universal City, West Hollywood (Sunset Strip), and more.

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Scenic drives & walking tours

Destination guides & reports

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