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About Priceline - no one deals like we do!

Quick overview of Priceline's — stands as one of the most popular, well-known, and financially secure Internet shopping sites and enjoys excellent repeat business. "Name your own price" for airline fares, cars, and hotels has become a reality.

Priceline Better Business Bureau report

As of December 24, 2017, Priceline maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Priceline has been a Better Business Bureau accredited business since 1998, other than during a 2000 suspension discussed below.

The Better business Bureau bases Priceline's A+ rating on

Nevertheless, reminds you that

Priceline financial strength

Nearly alone among "dot com" companies, has avoided long-term debt even during the sharp slowdown in travel following 9/11. This stability helps protect your travel investment.

This following report outlines Priceline's First Quarter 2017 financial condition (opens as pdf. file):

Priceline Group First Quarter 2017 Financials

Priceline proves that you can make money with bargain prices, in spite of unstable energy prices and a not yet totally recovered economy.

With its —

Priceline seems well positioned to face traditional fluctuations in travel.

Customer service overview

Priceline's rapid growth once it opened to the public in 1998 has not come without significant problems. During Priceline's first two years,

Faced with so many complaints, the board of directors of the Better Business Bureau in Connecticut (where Priceline is based) suspended's membership during September, 2000.

Nevertheless, just two months later the Better Business Bureau board voted to reinstate after finding major changes.

Priceline had quickly —

Perhaps most importantly, Priceline accelerated its transition from the creative "start up" management of its first several years to a management experienced in operating a major business.

As Priceline's Better Business Bureau record shows, you are likely to have a very positive experience today. - no one deals like we do!