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Hotwire Hotel List - Rankings

With Hotwire, you cannot find out the specific hotel before you pay. It changes neighborhood boundaries and hotels used too often. Thus, no accurate Hotwire hotel list.

However, you can learn what to expect with each Hotwire hotel rating, as well as typical hotel chains used for each. 

Although its hotel ratings track AAA auto club diamond rankings, Hotwire does alter its ratings based on customer feedback.

Expect best Hotwire discounts on quality ratings of 3 to 5 stars.


Hotwire "Hot Rate" promo codes (valid through 8/31):

5-star "Luxury"

Think of 5-star hotels as where heads of state and the wealthiest people stay. Expect utmost in superb service and amenities.

Few hotels rank 4.5 or 5 stars. Very few cities have even one.

4.5-star "Ultra deluxe"

One step below best in world.

4-star "Deluxe" — Big Hotwire discounts

Think deluxe and appropriately stylish for business or pleasure.

Usually best locations for either business or pleasure.

BidOnTravel’s Best Tip

There are many more 4-star hotels than 4.5- and 5-star ones. Four-star ones routinely offer huge Hotwire discounts.

3.5-star "Distinctive"

Expect excellent dining choices and other amenities, as well as typically more convenient locations.

Note that not all hotels in a chain have the same quality ranking.

3-star "Midscale"

Expect considerably more service and comfort than at lower-ranked hotels.

When near airports, flight crews often stay at these.

2.5-star "Value"

Although these are limited-service hotels and motor inns, they often offer free Internet access, premium cable channels, and complementary breakfasts. May have access to business and fitness centers.

2-star "Economy"

These limited-service hotels and motor inns offer basic rooms with such perks as an ironing board or coffee maker. They may offer a complementary light breakfast.

1-star "Motel"

To be Hotwire listed, 1-star motels and hotels must be clean, but need not offer any frills whatsoever.


Hotwire guarantees its low prices. If, within 24 hours you find a lower rate for an identical “Hot Rate” booking (date, type of room, etc.) available to the general public, Hotwire pays you the difference.

Try If a frequent traveler, as I am, you will save thousands of dollars over time.

Enjoy your stay and savings!