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Upgrade Your Hotel for Free

Once you have your on-line hotel reservation, follow these steps to upgrade your hotel experience and to prevent problems.

Upgrade your experience while checking in

Here’s a quick and easy way to upgrade your hotel stay:

Especially at higher-rated hotels, sign up for the chain's frequent guest program. Be sure to list your preferences and to show your frequent guest card at check in.

At times receive welcomed perks, such as:

Avoid late evening check-ins, if possible.

When checking in at better hotels, dress appropriately for your destination and age.

Check in with an American Express or airline frequent traveler credit card. Hotels see you as a person who may bring repeat business.

Treat hotel staff with politeness and respect.

Especially at first-class and deluxe hotels, do not ask for free upgrades especially if you are a Hotwire or Priceline customer, unless you hold top-tier status in a hotel's frequent guest program.

Hotel Upgrade Best Tip

Take advantage of hotel secure storage facilities, instead of less secure room safes. Bell captains at better hotels can lock up large items, such as laptops, while you are away.

Prevent problems before arriving

Print out your confirmation and receipt (if prepaid) and take these with you to your hotel.

After booking online, wait several hours and then call your hotel or resort and confirm that it received your reservation and that all is well.

Give your hotel any special requests you may have, such as a nonsmoking room or king bed.

Best wishes for many enjoyable hotel updates!