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Avoid this Priceline bidding mistake

So you want to bid on a Priceline hotel. Then make sure that you can rebid immediately if your first bid fails. That significantly increases your chances for a low winning bid.

Otherwise, you must wait a full 24 hours to rebid.

There are 3 ways to rebid immediately. You should know all, but #1 and #3 work best if you want a top quality hotel.

1) Neighborhoods – Easy way to rebid

Do not bid on more than one neighborhood at a time.

Adding a neighborhood lets you rebid immediately. Priceline counts that as a bid for both your new neighborhood and your original one.

Having alternatives lets you submit a low first bid and get lucky.

Adding neighborhoods comes easily in large cities. For example, most travelers to New York City stay in Midtown Manhattan. Currently, Priceline offers 6 neighborhoods between 42nd Street and Central Park convenient for these travelers.

Check neighborhood maps >

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Take a look at Priceline neighborhood maps for your destination:

> > > Two BoT bidding tips

Priceline Express Deals offer substantial hotel discounts without bidding. Be sure that you bid lower than these prices.

If you see few Express Deals listed for your dates, you will probably need to bid higher. With high occupancy, hotels and resorts become less motivated to give such big discounts.

2) Hotel star quality levels

When bidding for a hotel on Priceline, you choose from a variety of star quality ratings. These closely track AAA and CAA auto club diamond ratings.

Don’t make this huge mistake: Wanting to save money, you bid first on a 2-star hotel.

When you bid on a 2-star, Priceline considers that a bid for 2-star hotel AND everything above it. That means you cannot rebid (except for a 1-star) for a full 24 hours if your bid fails.

Three- and especially 4-star quality hotels tend to discount the most. Bidding higher stars first may put you in a better hotel for the price you want to pay.

Start by bidding for the highest star available.

If that fails, bid for the next lower one and then . . .. You get the idea.

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3) Be creative with dates

Changing dates lets you rebid immediately.

However, what if your flights are already booked, etc.?

Try bidding for a portion of your stay, e.g., instead of Wednesday to Sunday, do Thursday to Sunday.

In this case, Priceline often surprises you with an offer to extend your stay before and/or after your dates. If not, you can always submit a higher bid for the missing night.

Save me enough money in total and I’ll move hotels, if necessary.

Ready to bid?

Scroll down until you see "Name your own price." Remember—don't bid higher than the already discounted Express Deals you saw earlier. Good luck!

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Being able to rebid immediately makes you an expert Priceline hotel bidder.

Enjoy your Priceline hotel bidding savings!