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Hotwire Hotel Tips & FAQ

Hotels like providing Hotwire hotel rooms at rock bottom prices—rooms that otherwise would remain empty. This creates a win-win situation for them and for Hotwire customers.

Skim though this FAQ to find what’s relevant to you.

4-star hotels. 2-star prices. Save up to 50% with low Hotwire Hot-Rates!

1. Hotwire hotel pros?

The prices. Take a look —

As the deep discount arm of Expedia, Inc., Hotwire enjoys tremendous buying power.

2. Hotwire hotel cons?

Once you give your credit card number, no refunds and no changes of “Hot Rate” reservations.

3. How do does Hotwire work?

You pick the --

4. The catch?

With “Hot Rates,” you find out the hotel or resort name only after you pay.

When you think of it though, neighborhood, quality, amenities, and price may be all you need to know in most situations.

5. How does Hotwire rate quality?

Hotwire star rankings track AAA auto club diamond rankings. Hotwire though modifies these based on its customer feedback.

Hotwire also tells you the percentage of customers who recommend each hotel based on their stays. This can be extremely helpful.

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6. What are some of the hotels used?

There are two ways to find out.

Check hotels used in Hotwire vacation packages. Use one of the "bundle + save" links —

Check hotel chains used at each “Hot Rate” quality level —

Hotwire hotel rankings and chains used

7. Does Hotwire guarantee its low prices?

You need never worry that you’ve paid too much.

If you find a lower price actually available to the general public for your entire stay, Hotwire will refund the difference.

You must claim your refund within 48 hours of booking. In the accounts section under Low-Price Guarantee, choose "Request refund" or call 866-468-9473. Hotwire tells you within three business days the validity of your request. If a refund is issued, Hotwire does not cancel your original reservation.

8a. What dates work best for lowest prices?

8b. Las Vegas?

Vegas exists in a realm of its own.

Other than during large conventions, the days you choose to stay can make an almost unbelievable difference in the price you pay.

9. Special requests?

Give your hotel a couple of hours to process your Hotwire hotel reservation and then call if you have special requests. Don’t wait until you show up.

Hotels try to honor requests for such things as king beds, but nearly never guarantee these.

10. Smoking?

Hotwire routinely books nonsmoking rooms. Let your hotel know if you wish otherwise.

11. Rooms for physically challenged guests?

Call the hotel to request these the day you book with Hotwire. Do not wait until check in!

If a hotel will not have a suitable room available, call Hotwire customer service at (855) 677-0745 or (866-468-9473) in Canada or the U.S. or (417) 520-1680 elsewhere to make other arrangements.

12. Other tips?

Take along a copy of your confirmation, which provides proof of payment.

Here are more tips an enjoyable Hotwire hotel stay —

Upgrade your hotel for free

Enjoy your bid on flights last-minute savings!