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Car Rental Bidding on Priceline

More than 100,000 rental cars go unused every day. That's lost revenue for car rental companies, and a great opportunity to save with car rental bidding on Priceline!

Step One – Find three quick facts

1. Check recent Priceline car rental winning bids:

See Winning Rental Car bids in Top Cities from $12/day!

For biggest discounts —



2. Check – Priceline’s deep-discount competitor – for your dates:

Although recent, Priceline car rental winning bids may not reflect actual demand for cars on your dates. Hotwire’s prices will.

Economy cars from $11.95 per day!

3. Check regular prices for your dates: from $12/dayLink to

Step Two – Determine your smartest bid

Priceline rule: you can rebid immediately only by changing dates or airport. Otherwise, wait 24 hours to rebid.

Make your Priceline bid 20% lower than best available prices on sites like Airport Rental Cars that tell brand name before paying.

Be more aggressive with a lower bid:

Step Three - Place your bid

See Winning Rental Car bids in Top Cities from $12/day!

Step Four – Follow up

About these car rentals




Enjoy your car rental bidding on Priceline savings!