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Frommer's chose as the best hotel search site to find lowest prices in 2017.

Its testing found that excels in so many areas, but most markedly in hotels costing under $200.

In this, the site crushes all competition not only on prices, but also by the sheer number of its city-center choices.

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In fact, you can currently choose among 1,300,000+ accommodation options worldwide, including 679,326 vacation rentals

Remarkable. More than 1 million people book with it each day.

And, you never pay reservation fees and are not forced to pay in advance for best rates.

Stays super customer focused

Gillian Tans,'s CEO (Forbes Magazine, 2016.08.20) >

I cannot think of another public hotel search engine that inspects properties offered, let alone everyone.

Note that these inspections do NOT imply approval. Just that you are not being misled with fake descriptions.

Book your hotel, B&B or resort with Best price guaranteed!

When checking prices shows prices by the total nights you are staying, not by night. That can mislead when booking two nights. "What horrible prices!" :)

Frommer's cautions that the site’s featured (top of page) prices in European cities include taxes and fees. That makes them seem more expensive than sites that hide these, when is actually cheaper.

When choosing you can tap into 121,000,000+ reviews of people who actually stayed at these hotels.

Other considerations

Always compare prices! compares only published hotel prices—not ones where, in order to save, you choose quality, price, and neighborhood, but do not learn your hotel name until after you pay.

For example,

Express Deals, Hotels up to 60% off with NO bidding!

Give a try. We think that you will love it!

Book your hotel, B&B or resort with Best price guaranteed!


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