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Bereavement Fares Travel Savings

Many bereavement travelers check just two types of bereavement fares and overlook a low fare option.

1. Last-minute regular fares –

Usually expensive but can typically make changes without penalty.

2. Special bereavement fares that some airlines offer.

These average 50% off full fare and usually allow changes without penalty. May still be expensive.

An alternative

Priceline Express Deals offer last-minite bargains when seats remain unsold. They have no advance booking requirements.

Follow these 5 easy steps to see if you save with Priceline's last-minute flight option.

Step One – Check regular airfares

Here you'll check regular fares for your travel dates >

Priceline Flights - Select your exact Flight & time. Lowest price guaranteed!

Wiggle room in your dates? Remember that Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually offer less expensive fares. Also, including a Saturday night stay in your trip may help.

Step Two – Priceline Express Deals

(Not found in search engines)

As you scrolled down you may have noticed "Express Deals" available.

Priceline's new "Express Deals" are discounted flights with special rules discussed below. They may not be the cheapest. For these Priceline prefers to use airlines that allow advanced seat selection, have no carry on bag fees, etc.

Priceline Flights - Select your exact Flight & time. Lowest price guaranteed!

For these prices—you may save over 50% but you pick the time of day, not the exact departure time.

BidOnTravel’s best bereavement fares travel booking tip

Check alternative airports when available and possibly save hundreds of dollars.

Step Three: Know rules

No refunds. No changes.

If not sure of return date oneway Express Deals may be available. Note though that a bargain fare may not be available when you decide to return.

U.S. flights:


Step Four: Book

Make sure that your name matches EXACTLY the one on your valid government-issued photo ID.

And, please at this very stressful time double check dates, etc. before paying.

Priceline Flights - Select your exact Flight & time. Lowest price guaranteed!

With few exceptions you must have a passport for international travel. Some countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months after arrival. Know entry requirements such as if a visa is needed.

Step Five: Follow up

Take along a printed confirmation of your reservation or have Priceline's confirmation email available on your cellphone.

You can also write down flight information and very importantly reservation number -- either airline's or if not available Priceline's.

You may be able to print a boarding pass or load one on your cellphone, as well as make seat selections, by going to the airline's site. You must have its confimation number. Last-minute seat assignments are often handled only at the airport.

Frequently asked questions

Can I travel today?

Yes, in most cases if seats still available.

If you live far from the airport, do not choose an early departure period.

For bereavement travel, you may be able to obtain a passport within one day. Please see below.

Can I pay for someone else?

Yes. Use your debit or credit card with correct billing address.

Make sure name on reservation matches exactly name on her or his valid government-issued photo ID.

Check in time?

Varies by airline and destination, as do baggage rules and fees. Check online at airline site.

There are two time limits, 1) one for check-in counter and 2) another for departure gate. These vary by airline.

If not at gate in time—usually 10 to 30 minutes prior but sometimes longer—your seat may be given to someone else.

Allow extra time for check in and security when traveling on these nonrefundable tickets.

Price guarantee?

Yes! Priceline guarantees you lowest price available to general public. All aspects (date, flight, etc.) of the itinerary must be the same.

Check online for current claim deadlines. These change. Usually within 24 to 48 hours. for the best deals in travel!

TSA security carry on and other rules?

TSA traveler information

IDs needed for USA travel?

TSA IDs accepted

What if have no passport?

For bereavement travel, you may be able to obtain a passport in as little as one day.

Emergency U.S. passports

You can reach the U.S. Passport Office at 1 877 487-2778.

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Wishing you well at this difficult time. I hope that these tips for bereavement fares savings have helped you.