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New Bereavement Travel Option

You now have a new bereavement travel option. Priceline has introduced last-minute Express Deals flights.

You can save more than 50% at last minute depending on how many seats remain unsold.

Compare Express Deals to regular fares

Below, click on flight tab and then fill in your cities and dates. - the best deals in travel!

When available, Express Deals show at top of fare display.

How Express Deals work


International: - the best deals in travel!

BidOnTravel’s two best bereavement travel booking tips

If possible, check alternative days and airports and possibly save hundreds of dollars. I will add take extra care at this highly stressful time. Check every aspect of the bereavement travel reservation process extraordinarily carefully.

Express Deals cautions

Booking - the best deals in travel!

Name on reservation must match EXACTLY name on valid government-issued photo ID.

With rare exceptions you must have a valid passport for international airline travel. That includes Canada and Mexico. Make sure that you have any visas required.

For international bereavement travel you may be able to obtain a passport in one day. Please see below.

Follow up

Bring along a copy of your reservation or have it available on your cell phone.

If cannot access a printer, write down all important information, including reservation number.

Frequently asked questions

Travel today?

Yes—in most cases if seats still available.

Pick a departure time period that allows AMPLE time to 1) reach airport, 2) check in, and 3) clear security.

One way flights?

Yes. These are sometimes available at Express prices. Note that some countries will not admit you unless you have a ticketed reservation leaving the country.

Seat assignments?

Please call airline. Same-day seat assignments are usually handled at airport.

Check in time?

Varies by airline and destination, as do baggage rules and fees. Check online at airline site.

There are two time limits, 1) one for check-in and 2) for being at departure gate. These vary by airline.

If not at gate in time—usually 10 to 30 minutes prior but sometimes longer—your seat may be given to someone else.

Price guarantee?

Yes! Priceline guarantees you lowest price available to general public. All aspects (date, flight number, etc.) of your itinerary must be the same. Check online for current claim deadline. This changes.

TSA security carry on and other rules?

TSA traveler information

IDs needed for USA travel?

TSA IDs accepted

IDs needed for international travel?

Do not pay for your bereavement fare until you have a passport and any visas required. Most countries require that your passport be valid longer than your intended stay, e.g., in some cases 6 months.

What if have no passport?

For bereavement travel, you may be able to obtain a passport in as little as one day.

Emergency U.S. passports

You can reach the U.S. Passport Office at 1 877 487-2778.

Wishing you well at this difficult time. I hope that these tips for bereavement travel savings have helped ease your burden.