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Bid on Flights Last Minute

Missed advanced-purchase deadlines? No problem. Follow BidonTravel’s easy bidding steps and get great savings on Priceline when you bid on flights last minute.

April 2015 Update

Priceline now lists recent winning airfare bids on many routes and also provides –

Step One – Check Priceline winning airfare bids

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(Above not optimized for easy cell phone viewing, but incredibly worthwhile.)

Notice not only winning bids, but also the lowest no-bidding fare that was available at the time of each bid. Then continue with Step Two below.

See no winning airfare bids? Use link below for another great way to calculate a winning bid:

Take me to "Plan B"

Step Two – Find out best no bidding fare (not Priceline)

Here you'll check fares for your travel dates.

Wiggle room in your travel dates? Remember that Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually offer less expensive fares. Try to include a Saturday night stay unless flying to Las Vegas. Avoid Friday travel to and Sunday travel from popular vacation sites such as Orlando.

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Notice whether many less expensive flights are available on the dates you want, or whether most are already sold out. Then continue to Step Three.

NOTE: Does the best no-bidding price here differ from any of those you saw in Step One? If yes, click below for another great way to calculate a winning bid:

Take me to "Plan B"

Step Three – Keep in mind rebidding rules

You can rebid within 24 hours if you:

Step Four – Determine your smartest bid

Now, fine tune your bid —

Refined your bid? Great. But don’t bid on flights last minute until you’ve read our best tip for placing a low, winning bid:

Bid on flights last minute best tip for winning airfare bids

Best bidding strategy—optimize rebidding opportunities.

Bid in a way that lets you immediately rebid, so you can be more aggressive with a low first bid. If it fails, you can bid higher. If it is accepted, you've put extra money in your pocket.

Step Five - Place your bid

Before placing your bid using the link below:

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Step Six: Follow through

Bid on flights last minute and enjoy your winning airfare bid savings! from $12/day