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Priceline Flights - Bidding Tips

Quick overview

Here you'll learn BidOnTravel's bidding tips for getting the cheapest Priceline flights. These easy, step-by-step instructions show you how to make the most informed bid, and also give you bidding strategies that Priceline doesn't teach you.

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Priceline last-minute flights

Complete bidding tips for Priceline Air

1. Remember Priceline Rules

2. Choose best dates for your travel

(Skip to bidding tip #4 if you cannot be flexible on your dates or airports.)

3. Look for more than one airport

4. Research airfares on a discount website.

An informed bid is your best strategy. Find out the going rates so that you can bid LESS on Priceline tickets.

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5. Check's price

Because Hotwire's prices and services are roughly equivalent to Priceline's, checking Hotwire helps you avoid overpaying when bidding on Priceline flights—

Save up to 40% off last minute fares with low Hotwire Hot-Rates!

6. Use these guidelines to determine your bid for Priceline flights

Note: When placing your bid, you may be told that your low bid will likely fail. BidOnTravel believes that Priceline's recommendations are conservative, and that you can sometimes succeed with a well-thought-out, low bid.

Priceline Flights - Select your Exact Flight & time or Name Your Own Price!

Submit your "smart" bid—and one that increases your chances for making immediate rebids.

Here are BidOnTravel's best strategies for bidding on flights, as well as rebidding if necessary. Priceline does not teach these tips, so follow them carefully to maximize your savings.

Priceline Flights - Select your Exact Flight & time or Name Your Own Price!

Note: Print out your itinerary or write out all relevant information and take with you to the airport.

May your Priceline flights bids be low and accepted!