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Priceline Last-Minute Flights

Follow these 6 easy steps to save with Priceline's new last-minute flight option.

Missed low fare flight ticketing deadlines? No worries!

Step One – Check regular airfares

Here you'll check fares for your travel dates.

Authur Frommer's travel guides chose Momondo as best airfare search site in 2017. Travel + Leisure agrees. Best at domestic fares, international, last-minute, and book ahead ones. Also most choices.

Momondo US Search Flights

Wiggle room in your travel dates? Remember that Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually offer less expensive fares. Try to include a Saturday night stay unless flying to Las Vegas. Avoid Friday travel to and Sunday travel from popular vacation sites such as Orlando.

Step Two – Check Priceline Express Deals

(Not found in search engines)

Priceline's new "Express Deals" are discounted flights with special restrictions discussed in Step Four.

Find Express Deals at top of fare display – if not sold out.

Priceline Flights - Select your exact Flight & time. Lowest price guaranteed!

For these prices—you may save over 50% depending on how many seats remain unsold—you cannot pick exact times.

Step Three – Focus on flight times

Click on "See Details."

That shows time of day your flights depart.

NOTE: On this page, scroll down for more departure time options—often at same fare—that may be more convenient for you.

Step Four – Know Express Deals rules

That's the tradeoff for these often deeply discounted fares.

U.S. >

International >

Step Five – Purchase your ticket

However, before buying using the link below >

Priceline Flights - Select your exact Flight & time. Lowest price guaranteed!

Step Six – Follow through

Enjoy your Priceline last-minute flight savings! from $12/day