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Priceline Flights - Tips for Savings

Follow these 5 easy steps to save on cheap Priceline flights.

Missed last-minute discount flight ticketing deadlines? No worries! No bidding required.

Step One – Check regular airfares

Here you'll check regular fares for your travel dates >

Wiggle room in your travel dates? Remember that Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually offer less expensive fares. Try to include a Saturday night stay unless flying to Las Vegas. That may help. Avoid Friday travel to and Sunday travel from popular vacation sites such as Orlando.

Note: Priceline lists downsides of some itineraries. These include such things as carryon bag fees and no advance seat selection. That second one drastically increases your chances of ending up with a middle seat.

Step Two – Check Priceline Express Deals

(Not found in search engines)

As you scrolled down you may have noticed Priceline's cheap flight option "Express Deals" available when an airline still has lots of seats that it does not expect to sell otherwise.

Priceline's new "Express Deals" are discounted flights with special rules discussed below. They are not always the cheapest. Priceline prefers to use airlines that allow advanced seat selection, have no carry-on bag fees, etc. for these.

For these prices—you may save over 50% but you cannot pick exact times.

You do see the times of day your flights depart.

Step Three – Know Express Deals rules

That's the trade off for these often deeply discounted fares.

U.S. >

International >

Step Four – Purchase your ticket

However, before buying using the Priceline page you have already open (showing the fare you don't want to lose) >

Step Five – Follow through

Enjoy your Priceline cheap flights savings! from $12/day