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Priceline Hotel Bidding Tips

Priceline hotel bidding allows you to bid on the same particulars just once every 24 hours. However, these Priceline hotel bidding tips teach not only how to determine the lowest acceptable bid but also how to rebid immediately on Priceline hotels.

Follow these six easy steps—

Step One — Check regular prices for your dates

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Check out regular and sale rates.

For maps of the neighborhoods available, click on the "Name your own price" link either at the top of the page or to your left. If not seen, sold out.

Step Two — Check best no-bidding sale rates

Check Priceline Express Deals—deeply discounted hotel prices. Do not bid higher than these.

Click on the Express Deals link. Express Deals are sold out if no link or do not show in earlier results..

Book exceptional hotel deals up to 60% off instantly!

Note if many hotels or few are are available for your desired quality level—3 star, 4-star, etc.

Keep these rates in mind in case your bid fails.

Priceline star quality ratings closely track AAA auto club diamond ratings, but may differ based on customer feedback.

Step Three — Know rules

Both Priceline Express Deals and "Name your own price" bidding rules >

Step Four — Determine your smartest Priceline bid

Figure a bid at 20% less than the best price you found above. But pick an even lower bid if you —

The more of these are true, the more aggressive you can be.

Figure a higher bid if you can't rebid at all.

BidOnTravel’s best Priceline hotel bidding tip.

Bid in a way that lets you immediately rebid, so you can be more aggressive with a low first bid. If it fails, you can bid higher. If it is accepted, you've put extra money in your pocket.

Step Five — Place your bid

Remember with Priceline "Name your own price" hotels: no refunds, no changes.

Note: Priceline frequently changes the place to bid on its homepage. As of this writing, scroll down to see it on the right side of the page..

Now that you’ve figured your smartest bid —

Book exceptional hotel deals up to 60% off instantly!

Step Six — Follow through

Priceline hotels lowest price guarantee

If you find a lower published-price than what you bid for exactly the same hotel bidding itinerary (hotel, dates, type of room, etc.) within 24 hours of booking available to the general public, Priceline will: from $12/day

Enjoy your Priceline hotels stay and your hotel bidding tips savings!