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FAQ Rental Car Bidding

1. How late can I book?

That’s a hard question. Currently, allows you to book as late as ONE hour prior to pick up.

Nevertheless, you have no guarantee that discounts will still be available if you wait that late.

Rental Cars up to 40% off when you Name Your Own Price.

2. What rental car companies does Priceline use?

Priceline uses the top five: Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, and National.

Typically, these have well-maintained cars and the most convenient airport locations.

3. What’s the minimum age for renting?

Twenty-one, instead of 25.

4. What should I bid?

When bidding on car rentals, size matters. The larger and more luxurious the vehicle, the greater discount you can get on Priceline.

Think about the discount in three ways:

Rental Cars up to 40% off when you Name Your Own Price.

5. What if my bid fails?

You can’t bid again for the same size car and for the same dates within 24 hours, even if you are willing to increase your bid.

However, you can rebid immediately if you change a particular of your bid, such as

As Priceline says,

"The major rental car companies would not allow you to save so much money with Priceline if you could try again simply by changing your pick-up and drop-off times or raising your price until it is accepted."

For the same dates and vehicle size try Hotwire, Priceline's main competitor:

6. Can I change or cancel my reservation?

No, that’s the risk you take for Priceline's low prices.

Keep in mind that you can "Name your own price" up to one hour before pick up time. As long as discounted cars are still available, you can wait to bid until your plans are firm.

Nevertheless, you may not want to wait if traveling during spring break in Orlando or similar peak times!

7. Will I have to pay taxes and fees when I pick up the car?

An advantage of Priceline "Name your own price" is that taxes and fees are added to your bid before you pay. You rarely face unexpected costs when you pick up the car at the airport, unless there's been a last-minute increase in airport fees.

Make sure you take your Priceline receipt and confirmation with you to the rental car counter to show that you have prepaid everything.

Even though you've prepaid, the rental car company will probably obtain an authorization on your credit card, in case you return the car late, etc.

Be sure that your card has sufficient credit available.

8. Can I bid on cars in Canada?

Yes. Also hotels.

Rental Cars up to 40% off when you Name Your Own Price.