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Priceline Airfare Bidding FAQ

1. I don’t have time to read all your airfare bidding tips. I am leaving this week. Can you give me a summary?

No worries. Check the new Priceline last-minute airfares below.

Priceline Last-Minute Flights

2. Which airlines does Priceline use?

Major airlines like Air Canada, American, Delta, KLM, Lufthansa, Singapore, United, and their code-share partners. These change at times. Priceline does not use Southwest Airlines.

3. I really need to cancel or change my Priceline "Name your own price" flights—how can I do this?

You normally cannot. Moreover, you cannot pay a fee to change.

However—this is the loophole—if the airline cancels one of your flights for reasons under its control (for example, in an effort to save money) and wants to change your itinerary significantly, U.S. Department of Transportation regulations say you should get a refund.

Significantly means significantly, not an hour or two.

If you find that you will be unable to travel, keep a look out for any major changes in your itinerary on the airline's website. You may get lucky.

Contact Priceline customer service at 1 800-PRICELINE prior to the date of travel, and have your Priceline transaction number handy.

4. Can someone else use my Priceline air ticket?

Since 9/11, TSR security and others elsewhere do not allow anyone to use a ticket if the name on her or his government-issued photo ID does not match the name on the ticket.

A reminder too that newly married couples should reserve in the same name found on their photo IDs.

5. I know that Priceline airfare bidding rules won’t let me pick my travel times. Are there ANY workarounds for that?

Most (but not all!) airlines allow you to stand by for earlier flights on the same day for a nominal fee.

I do this--choose a low fare itinerary and then stand by for earlier flights.

However, don't stand by without knowing these tips and cautions —

Standby Flights: How to Standby

6. How long will Priceline make me wait for connections?

Within the U.S., connecting times are limited to three hours, unless nothing better is available. Usually, you wait no longer than 90 minutes. Priceline will put you on non-stop flights, if these are available.

International travel may involve longer connections, regardless of how much you pay or where you book.

In addition, Priceline domestic airfare bidding tickets (the "Name your own price" ones) are limited to one connection each way, unless you give Priceline permission to use more than one, in order to reach a smaller airport or to get a better fare.

7. How early or late could I depart using Priceline?

For domestic Priceline airline tickets, you will not be scheduled to depart earlier than 6:00 a.m. or leave later than 10:00 p.m., with a scheduled arrival of no later than 12:30 a.m., unless you tell Priceline that you’re willing to use “red-eye flights” for a better fare.

Because international itineraries typically involve overnight travel, there are no time restrictions on these.

8. What’s the financial condition of

Very robust for a post-9/11 travel company. See

About Priceline

9. Does Priceline accept a Canadian credit card?

Yes, if has a Canadian billing address. Cards from some other countries are also accepted. - no one deals like we do!