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La Loma Linda Hotel Review Zipolite Mexico

Sunset viewed from La Loma Linda Hotel Zipolite Mexico

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I came upon a wonderful little hotel called La Loma Linda in Zipolite Mexico. It's not for everyone, though, and this La Loma Linda review will help you decide if it's perfect for you.

Stunning setting

The views from La Loma Linda--spectacular from many rooms--strike you first. Because the hotel faces south toward the Pacific you may be able to enjoy both sunrises and sunsets.

Just one block takes you from La Loma Linda’s main entrance to the Zipolite’s beautiful beach.

Of course, as you will see, it’s a bit of a hike down to that main entrance.

A portion of La Loma Linda's extensive gardens

La Loma Linda's extensive gardens drew me. They provide such a peaceful and lovely environment.


La Loma Linda Zipolite kitchen - delicious dining!

The owners Katja and Dieter are loving people and you'll quickly notice that they and their staff are family. 

The staff loves to work here and it shows. The informality they radiate typifies this hotel.

Christina handles La Loma Linda reservations

Above: Christina runs the office and reservations and will help you in anyway she can.

Cat before being chased off La Loma Linda dining table

Above: Unceremoniously banished from the dining area within 30 seconds of this photo, Margarita did not find La Loma Linda’s “dining tables are for humans only” policy loving and family-like at all.

Simple place

Bed at La Loma Linda Hotel Zipolite Mexico

Please do not expect a 5-star hotel experience at La Loma. There are no such hotels and no chain ones in Zipolite, and for many of us that is one of its charms.

Nevertheless, the beds here (king, queen, or twin) are very comfortable. You can also relax in a hammock outside your room. 

Most rooms have bathrooms. If not, washbasins are in the open air and there are separate private cubicles for showers and toilets. You should not have to wait long.

Continuous vents between walls and ceilings allow warm air to rise and escape.

Desk in La Loma Linda Hotel room

In the two rooms I used everything was clean and in good repair. The Internet worked well—well, usually. There are no televisions.

Unlike many less expensive hotels in Mexico, La Loma Linda provides as much free purified water as you need.

Eco lodging

Garden decor at La Loma Linda Hotel Zipolite Mexico

La Loma Linda takes sustainability very seriously.

For example, toilets are designed for minimum impact on the environment. Newer ones do not flush. Think not of outhouses, though. These do not smell whatsoever.

Some guests may not like the cold showers. Keep in mind that in winter Zipolite sits on the warmest coastline of Mexico.


Mexican-style brunch item at La Loma Linda Hotel Zipolite

La Loma Linda serves a bunch type menu until 1:00 p.m. You should find this food delicious and love the open-air setting. 

Passion fruit cheesecake, La Loma Linda Hotel Zipolite Mexico

The kitchen provides vegan, lacto vegetarian, and lacto-ovo vegetarian dishes, as well as some dishes with ham. Nothing costs very much.

La Loma Linda does not serve alcohol. Call it the antithesis of a party atmosphere hotel.

Images above: Passion fruit cheesecake – absolutely celestial and my first. I did not write down the long name of the first dish. As with everything here it was delicious. 

Feldenkrais Method & yoga

Feldenkrais Method & yoga mats & blankets La Loma Linda

You’ll find daily yoga sessions at least in winter season, which I did not attend, and group and individual Feldenkrais Method (awareness through movement classes). Katya teaches these.

The one group Feldenkrais session I attended worked wonders in easing my back problem.

Cash only

I had wanted to book a series of individual Feldenkrais sessions earlier but the hotel, as with most businesses in Zipolite, does not accept credit cards. The nearest bank can take nearly an hour of travel time (by taxi – more if use public transit) plus the time needed to queue, which can be long in Mexico.

Zipolite has two ATMs, but I avoid private ones like these that have no surveillance.

Given how valuable I found the Feldenkrais group session, I regret that I did not go to that bank or bring more pesos than needed just for dining.


Stairs to and from main entrance La Loma Linda Zipolite

For those of us able to climb two stairwells at a time, the steps leading up to the main portion of the hotel should present no problem. There are flat walkways between each set of stairs.

The owners built La Loma Linda on a VERY steep hillside. That gives you wonderful views but makes this hotel a nightmare for the physically challenged. To correct this with elevators, earthmoving, etc. would cost far more than the hotel itself.

Note that La Loma Linda does not light portions of its property brightly enough. Bring along a small travel flashlight.

Hotel security

Hills behind La Loma Linda Hotel Zipolite Mexico

Lock your valuables in the security boxes found in each room.

A night watchperson and the owners' dogs patrol the fenced property.

Image above: I look out toward the hills behind Zipolite. The hotel’s laundry service has my clothing hanging in the sun below. Usually you will find the countryside far more lush. Zipolite had far less rain than normal during its recent rainy season.

Zipolite safety

Another sunset seen from La Loma Linda Hotel Zipolite

Neither Zipolite nor anywhere in Mexico near it appears in Canadian or U.S. government travel warnings.

Nevertheless, you may not want to walk through any part of Zipolite that has few people around at night, unless part of a large group. That includes between the nearby commercial area and the hotel.

Taxis are usually plentiful when you want to return from "downtown" in the evening and cost around 20 - 25 pesos (under $1.50 U.S.). Ask to be taken to the lower entrance - "la entrada baja."

Rock formation on Zipolite Beach Mexico near La Loma Linda Hotel

Lonely Planet cautions against venturing more than knee deep at Zipolite's beach. Its currents and riptides are notorious and at times deadly.

Volunteer lifeguards have probably made the beach safer in recent years but please be careful. Red warning flags were posted the entire week I was there. That did not deter the many surfers.

Directions to La Loma Linda

Juice selections on one day at La Loma Linda Hotel Zipolite

Striking Huatulco Airport provides the most convenient gateway and the most airline service.

Upon arrival do as those in the know do and walk a couple of minutes in the direction of the vehicles leaving the airport to its entrance. Across the street you'll nearly always find a queue of taxis and their dispatcher.

See rates online. You'll save nearly 50% outbound. I used this company both ways.

If you don’t speak Spanish, write down the online price – “450 pesos” or whatever -- and say “Si?” in a questioning way. In any case, always confirm price before getting in.

You need not tip taxi drivers in Mexico unless receive special service.


La Loma Linda Zipolite dining table with flowers

In peak season, La Loma Linda often books up early with small groups.

Check availability and rates at

Upon arrival, try to guess Dieter's age. He’s some 20 years older than you may think. Thirty years at La Loma Linda has been good to him!


As with all my other reviews, I paid a price available to the general public. No one knew that I might write about them. In fact, I had not planned to blog about La Loma Linda until I experienced how much I enjoyed it.



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