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Priceline Airlines Used

Priceline uses well-known airlines.

If you reserve early enough, these airlines usually offer advance seat assignments on North American and on some international flights. On most long flights, these same airlines honor special meal requests.

Priceline tickets most U.S. airlines, including Alaska, American, Delta, and United, but not Southwest. - no one deals like we do!

For travel outside of the United States, Priceline has used the airlines above plus the ones below and others:

The participating airlines change from time to time. Altogether, Priceline works with nearly three dozen airlines to maximum your chances of obtaining a low airfare.

Sometimes, you may be ticketed on one airline, yet travel on another (for at least part of your trip). For example, because United Airlines has a "code share" agreement with Air Canada, your "United Airlines" trip from New York/Newark to Vancouver may use Air Canada all or much of the way. - no one deals like we do!